Your SOMStart is here!

Volunteering is about growing, discovering your passions and developing some skills that you’ve never thought of having. It is also about learning to work in a team and making friends. It brings you to the environment you are going to join in your future career, because medicine encompasses both the passion for science and the ability to understand the human side of life.

Being a volunteer gives you the opportunity to be involved directly in how an idea can be put in practice and helps you to build up the courage you need to bring your own ideas to life! As a SOMS volunteer, you will have the chance to develop your communication skills and to participate actively in organizing the scientific events.

This will help you to create a network of people in the scientific and medical world, which will open a series of collaborations for future conferences and workshops. Thus, you will make SOMS go forward from generation to generation, facilitating the spread of knowledge that a medical student needs in order to stay in touch with the development of medicine and the dynamism of research! There is a journey full of challenges and rewards. Enjoying the process is the main part of fulfilling the purpose!

Therefore, we created a form for you to fill in with what you think suits you the best, when it comes to getting involved in our projects. It helps us to get to know you and to start working together! It is going to be open all year round, so feel free to have a look and join us! After you fill in the form, you will receive an email of confirmation and an online meeting with our team will be scheduled, in order to discuss more about your preferences and to find the best option for you to be part of our team!

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