We all lost a lot of clinical experience during this pandemic. But SOMS is here for you! From Anatomy and Genetics to Cardiology and Dermatology, SOMS quizzes are the perfect way to brush up on your knowledge or gain some new insights into your favorite subjects! Every Friday we feature a new subject, so if you’re looking for something and it hasn’t been posted yet, it might just be next week’s topic.

So blow the dust from your brain and challenge your logical thinking with our quizzes!

If your heart skips a beat everytime you learn something new

Learn how to catch on the red flags!

Butterflies in the stomach? I’m kinda sure you need a gastroenterologist

Intelligence is in your genes, but knowledge takes practice! 

About the skeletons in closets.

SMILE!  You are photographed on the inside! 

From the smallest virus to the biggest worm this speciality saw them all

 A little sunscreen never killed nobody 

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