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About Us

Scientific Organisation of Medical Students (SOMS) is a students’ association that promotes medical research. SOMS is based at Carol Davila University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Bucharest, Romania. We are an autonomous, international, non-political, non-profit organisation run by and for medical students.

Our Work


Learn more about how medical research is done at our engaging, hands-on Workshops.


Listen to great speakers discussing their ideas to stay up-to-date with the latest in medical science.

Our Work

Medical International Conference for Students (MEDICS) is our annual conference, bringing together world-renowned speakers and passionate trainers.

Our Work

Associate Members

It’s simple to become a SOMS Associate Member! Just pay the membership fee and enjoy all your new benefits- 24h booking priority for essential SOMS workshops, 15% discount on selected SOMS events, priority when volunteering for any SOMS event- and more, click on the button below!

Full Members

The benefits of a Full SOMS Member include: 20% discount on selected SOMS events, 24h booking priority for SOMS workshops, volunteering priority, you can represent our organisation at partner congresses and start networking with medical students from around the world, you are eligible to get financial support for your scientific activity and you have the right to run for positions in the Executive Team and vote in the General Gathering of the association. Learn more about it here!

Our Work

To become a Full Member, you have to gain 100 points from volunteering in our activities.


Presenting an original scientific project at a SOMS Student Session (or an Oral Presentation at MEDICS)


Being a part of the organizing committee of MEDICS


Coordinating a SOMS workshop with an international guest


Coordinating a SOMS workshop with a national guest


Presenting in a Journal Club session or Poster Presentation at MEDICS


Coordinating a SOMS conference with an international guest


Volunteering for MEDICS


Coordinating a SOMS conference with a national guest


Volunteering for a SOMS conference or workshop


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