Summer Opportunities Abroad

Medical students have the chance to spend their summer working in a different country and having fun. Wondering how? You will get your answer at Summer Opportunities Abroad. This original SOMS event presents an array of summer internship programmes intended for med-school undergraduates. You will learn in detail how to prepare your application, together with first-hand accounts and helpful tricks from former participants.

The event has two parts: a conference and a workshop.

The conference is free of charge and all medical students are welcome to attend.

At the workshop you will be presented with samples of failed and successful applications, learn how to write your motivational letter, get advice on what to write and especially what to avoid. You will be taught how to build your resumes (CV) and how to behave during an interview. We strongly encourage you to bring any current application that you worked at so that you can build on top of that. Pizza and drinks are on us!

SOA – Regular

80,00 lei

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