FAST - Focused Assessment with Sonography for Trauma Buying Tramadol In Spain Highly demanded by our participants throughout the years at MEDICS, we realised that FAST must become a regular workshop at SOMS too.

FAST – Focused Assessment with Sonography for Trauma is a workshop designed to introduce medical students into the quick and accurate assessment of the trauma patient. Life-threatening intra-abdominal injuries don’t always come with obvious warning signs. Imagine you are in front of a trauma patient. You do a quick physical examination – but you still cannot leave out the possibility that he may be massively bleeding into his peritoneum. What should you do next? The answer is FAST – a noninvasive and accurate ultrasound examination which provides vital information and allows you to rapidly identify free fluid in the peritoneal, pericardial, or pleural spaces.

Tramadol Online Fast Shipping Order Tramadol Fedex Overnight Participants in this workshop will benefit from a hands-on experience where they will practice the essential skills and techniques to acquire an ultrasound image for quick and accurate diagnosis. Registrations for Full and Associate SOMS Members start on October 14th, at 8 pm. SOMS Members have 24h booking priority. To find out more about SOMS memberships, click here.

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General Registration starts on October 15th, at 8 pm.
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