SOMS Neuro

SOMS Neuro is here to give you a proper introduction to all the mystery surrounding the nervous system. The truth is that whether we are talking about our senses, movements, goals or fears, the brain is at the center of it all.

There are three main events that SOMS Neuro hosts each year: Brain Awareness Week, The National Conference of the Romanian Neuroscience Society and the National Conference of the Society against Epilepsy. At each of these, you will have the chance to meet distinguished researchers, learn from their lectures, and experience and find out more about the trending topics of the moment.

We also organise exclusive MEDICS Workshops, like Neuroscience – the cells and the system or Neuroscience – Surf the brain waves (more on that here).

You can always join our Journal Clubs, where we discuss the latest Neuroscience discoveries or the SOMS Students Sessions where students who are working in Neuroscience research are presenting their projects.

At SOMS Neuro you will find passionate and dedicated people, who are interested in finding out more about how the brain works, what happens when it does not and most importantly, how to fix it when that happens. Join us in walking on the path of science: bright, innovative and full of wonder!

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