How to become a Full Member

Are you a med student? Great! No matter where you study, you can become a SOMS Full Member.

Next, you need to become active in our organisation and start earning points. Your goal is to get 100 points.

In order to earn points, you can either present a research project you’ve been involved with or you can help us organize our events. If you decide to make a presentation, also check SOMS New Members (hyperlink). Follow us on Facebook to make sure you won’t miss any opportunity to get involved. See all the ways in which you can earn points at the end of this page.

You have one academic year - 2 semesters - to earn your points. We will keep track of your activities and when you reach 100 points, you become eligible for Full Membership.

(Keep in mind that at the end of the academic year, you will lose any points you have accumulated.)

Pay the Full Member Fee (90 RON) on our website, before 1 October (the beginning of the next academic year).

Congratulations - you’re done!

Now, see also how to remain a Full Member

Here is how to get points:


Presenting an original scientific project at a SOMS Student Session (or an Oral Presentation at MEDICS)


Being a part of the organizing committee of MEDICS


Coordinating a SOMS workshop with an international guest


Coordinating a SOMS workshop with a national guest


Presenting in a Journal Club session or Poster Presentation at MEDICS


Coordinating a SOMS conference with an international guest


Volunteering for MEDICS


Coordinating a SOMS conference with a national guest


Volunteering for a SOMS conference or workshop