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About us

SOMS – Scientific Organisation of Medical Students – is a non-profit student organisation, founded at Carol Davila University in 1987.

SOMS is based at Carol Davila University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Bucharest, Romania. We are an autonomous, international, non-political, non-profit organisation run by and for medical students.


We stand for the values that help a society evolve: integrity, professionalism, positive criticism.

All these help assembling a scientific medical community among future doctors, who will do their best to reshape the environment they live and work in, so that the end product is a better world to live in.


SOMS has always been in selective search for new members, as it takes only those med school students who have constant scientific activity, proven through science communication lectures and publications, with a high proffesional level and who contribute to the development of the University’s prestige to become a member.

A proof of the value of our selectivity is the fact that former SOMS members are now among academia or scientific communities, either in Romania or abroad.